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Wesley's Place - A Live Music Listening Room

Why is there live music in a chapel, in a West Suburban church, on Friday nights?  What kind of music is it? What does "family friendly" mean anyway?  And who is Wesley?



Wesley's Place is here in La Grange to provide good musicians a venue for live music.  And we are one of the few family-friendly (just coffee, soft drinks, water and cookies) places where children and young people can develop an appreciation for live music.  Wesley's Place also fits into the vibrant Friday evening scene in La Grange, where there are dozens of restaurants and pubs for dining before or after the music.  And Wesley's Place is hosted by the First United Methodist Church of La Grange, itself a key part of the community hosting other events such as the Methodist Attic rummage sale, Salt Creek Chamber Orchestra, one of the premier pre-schools in the area, and Sunday morning services in the beautiful sanctuary

John Wesley

Wesley's Place is named for John Wesley, an 18th Century Anglican theologian, who began a movement of methodical study and worship that eventually became called "Methodism," so you might think of him as the father of the First United Methodist Church of La Grange. Wesley's theology was guided by "discipleship" which holds that being Christian requires the faithful follower to live as Christ lived, following his teachings, which included social activism on behalf of the hungry, the homeless, the poor and strangers we don't even know.  This church lives that social activism through Appalachian Service Project, BEDS, Interfaith Community Partner, PILLARS and other mission programs with direct involvement of members and friends of the church.

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